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CPD For trained mentors

Second Stage Mentoring - young people with more challenging needs

Do you want to make more of a difference in a young person’s life?

Once mentors have sucessfully completed the initial training term with a supervised placement, there are opportunities for them to further develop their mentoring skills to work in other settings. This includes working with young people who have more challenging needs. Appropriate training and support is offered for each placement.

Additional training can be offered in train-the-trainer and mentoring supervisor for those who would like to improve their facilitation and / or management skills.

Train the Trainer and Train the Supervisor

If you would like to get involved in the future training or supervision of our volunteer mentors or if you would like to deliver this project within your own group or community, you may be interested in these two training courses:
  • Train the trainer
    • access to all the training materials and resources used to deliver the programme.
    • skills in facilitation, time keeping and group management
    • network of trainers
  • Train the supervisor
    • skills in management and coaching
    • safe recruitment practices for new mentors
    • network of supervisors
Amy L. Mackay,
29 Jul 2013, 00:36